Dreams DO come true! If you believe...

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Dearest readers!

I hope you had a Fabulous Fearless February and are marvelously “March”-ing on! Now that the weather is breaking it is time get ready to come out of hibernation! Now, I hope you didn’t spend your winter sleeping…we at RSVP by Pabvon certainly haven’t! I had an awesome opportunity to participate in a lifetime dream experience. I am now a part of a very few group of people, who have been given a stamp of approval by the incomparable Preston Bailey himself and I am now known as a Preston Bailey Protégé!

As a Protégé I, along with other industry colleagues from around the world planned a pop up wedding, side by side with Preston Bailey and his team. You can read about the experience on Preston’s blog. It was a busy 2 days that has changed and charged me forever, here at RSVP by Pabvon to prepare even more beautiful and unique events and weddings for YOU!

As Spring is just a hop, skip and a jump away we are looking forward to the beautiful ideas, events and memories we will share together!

Dream big, and then dream EVEN BIGGER!

Have amazing days! Pabvon

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