You’re engaged…..now what? Well lucky for you RSVP By Pabvon is here to help!

Here are 11 quick tips to get you started…

  1. FIRST THINGS FIRST! Get a manicure! Your hand will be in HIGH DEMAND!

  2. Now seriously….you may or may not have been dreaming about your wedding day since you were a little girl; involve your mate, after all it’s HIS special day as well. Find out, early on, what elements are most important to him and involve him in the planning or at least on the elements he deems important.

  3. Schedule engagement photos and consider throwing an engagement party.

  4. Choose a date (and a back up date… just in case).

  5. Determine a budget with your fiancée. A REALISTIC budget.

  6. Let’s get this party started….the Bridal Party that is. You and your fiancée get to “pop the question” to your friends…pick your groomsmen and bridesmaids.

  7. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Will that be one venue or two? Your wedding can take place at one location and the reception at another or find a location that will allow you to host both at the same venue.

  8. Get that preliminary guest list started. Word of advice: Create tiers if and when it’s time to reconsider who you can invite, the tiers will be helpful. It also comes into play with the budget and venue.

  9. Make your wedding timeline.

  10. Start picking out your wedding gown and your bridesmaids dresses. Your groom should also be determining the look he and the groomsmen will wear.

  11. Consider a wedding planner. Of course we’re a little bias however RSVP By Pabvon offers great services.

BONUS TIP: Your marriage is much more than the wedding day. Don’t get so wrapped up in planning the day that you lose sight of what you are preparing for…a loving and lasting MARRIAGE. Contact us at info@rsvpbypabvon.com for help planning that special wedding day so you enjoy the start of your marriage.

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